We are the laborers who grow from the core of this profession and we found the opportunity to establish our own business thanks to our experiences and our connoisseurs’ supports and guidance. We think that our greatest chance is having started and continue to work with good people.


In the second half of 90’s our incorporation process began and we started to serve in the medical sector. So our journey began with the marketing of medical supplies to pharmacies and in the second stage we have specialized on operating and sterilizing devices and began to import and selling of them. Furthermore, we have signed very important projects through Turkey and we found Central Sterilization Units and Operating Theaters.


We always aim to expand our fields of profession. Also our main workers team does not change for many years. As a result of familiarity between our workers and us, this process continuing for long years.


With the year of 2015, we are in a process of renewal and we aim production on specialized fields. Our purpose is to expand into overseas markets by domestic production and to provide more added values to our country’s economy.


So we try to make an impact and leave trace.